The '50s

The Vespa in the '50s

These are the years of the explosion of the Vespa mania. The production focuses on the 125cc. which are supported by the 150. The power of the engine rises slightly and the control is actuated by more efficient flexible cables. Performance improves sharply with the GS version which has a maximum power output of 8HP. Makes its appearance also the 4-speed gearbox. The top in terms of power is represented by the Six-Day version which, although 125 has well 7CV and is intended for racing. The badge is still the steel body which distinguishes it from competitors. With the GS model also passes the 10'' wheels and brake drums with vented. Only model that clearly distinguishes itself from the others is the U (where U stands for compact) that first introduces the light positioned high up to the handlebars. While the single seat two-seater makes its first appearance in the GS model.


The Vespa models of the '50s:

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